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Fuselage 6


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  ELT Installation
4/18/08 I decided to forego spending ~$900 on a 406mH Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) until a few more manufacturers enter the fray and bring the prices down.  Since I have already installed an ELT mounting tray in the rear fuselage that is pre-drilled to fit the Ameri-King AK-450, that was my choice.  I went ahead and installed the mounting bracket to the mount.  I also safety-wired the portable antenna to the bracket to keep it secure.

  Securing Co-Pilot Control Stick
  Vans has issued a Service Bulletin (SB) detailing how the right-side co-pilot stick needs to be secured in order to avoid the stick coming out inadvertently during flight.  Vans recommends installing a bolt and nut to secure the stick, however, this "fix" would make it very inconvenient to remove the stick regularly.  I solved the problem by drilling a 0.25" hole through both tubes and installed a 1/4"x1 1/8" hitch pin.

I am also installing a 1/8" mono mini plug for the co-pilot PTT.  This will make removing or installing the stick a 15-second activity.  In the picture above, you can see the small bracket ready for me to install the mini-jack plug.

4/19/08 My buddy Ben came by today and was a big help.  We installed the COM 2 antenna and secured and torqued the brake fittings through the gear weldments.  These were tasks that I had been putting off until I had a second pair of hands.

4/27/08 I removed the tank attach brackets from the fuselage and cut the notch.  I also drilled and installed the platenuts on the tank brackets. 

  Installing the Flap Position Indicator
5/10/08 Today I went ahead and installed the flap position indicator sensor from Ray Allen.  I got the clevis pins and threaded rod from Mike Behnke.  These parts are actually made for RC model aircraft but they work just fine.

5/23/08 I have to wait until Lynne can help me drill the canopy side skirts so I installed the main push rod tube to the bellcrank and the small pushrod from the bellcrank to the control column.

  Landing Gear Assembly and Installation
8/24/08 I started the assembly of the landing gear by collecting all the various nuts, bolts and components.  The drawing in the plans is pretty useless so I resorted to following the pictures on Mike Schipper's website.

After loosely assembling the brake calipers to the gear legs, I am ready to assemble the wheels and tires.


8/29/08 Up On the Gear!

Today I got my neighbor Don to come over and help me lift the fuselage while Lynne placed a sawhorse under the spar carry-through.  Lynne and I then installed the main gear legs as well as the nosegear.

I then removed the battery tray and sealed the firewall recess with high-temp red RTV silicone and clecoed in place.


9/1/08 I installed the braided brake lines I received from Brett at Bonaco.
  Riveted the Top Skin
10/10/08 My Tech Counselor, Jim Olson, agreed to come over and help me rivet the top skin.  I had held off as long as possible riveting this final skin because I wanted to be absolutely sure I had everything installed and the wiring finished since access will be extremely limited afterwards.

10/11/08 I got some padded carpet from Bill Repucci that he had left-over from his plane.  This stuff is super soft and is actually the "loop" used with Velcro fasteners.  I can apply the "hook" to any items I want to keep handy and stick it to the dash.  I also cut out the holes for the fans before I riveted the top skins and then installed the fans after the carpet was glued.  I used some 3M spray adhesive and it worked great.

I had to take some shots of a template for my interior fabricators.


  Interior Installation
12/12/08 I received my interior package from Classic Aero Designs and temporarily installed it in the plane in order to check out how it looked.  I have to admit that they do excellent work and it really makes the plane look nice.  I ordered the complete Aviator package which includes the seats with headrests, the side panels, leather side pockets, baggage area panels, rear bulkhead panel, leather glare shield trim and carpet.


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