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Considerations (Decisions, Decisions...)

Airframe Options: I am opting for the electric elevator trim, manual aileron trim and dual brakes, .  I will have the sliding canopy.

Engine: I will likely go with the ECI IO-360 with 7.5:1 compression pistons.  This engine will produce 160HP and be capable of burning 92 octane auto fuel or conventional 100 low lead aviation fuel.  I will have two P-Mags rather than conventional magnetos.  I will also have the Airflow Performance fuel injection system.

Prop: Current choice is the fixed-pitch Catto 66" three-blade.

Wiring: Since this will be IFR, the wiring will probably follow the "Aero Connection Z-13/8" with dual  alternators and single battery.  I would like to install the Vertical Power VP-100 module for circuit protection as well as systems integration if the price drops.

Avionics: This will more than likely change over the course of construction but this is my current leaning; Dual Grand Rapids Technologies Horizon EFIS 1 (HS), dual AHRS, GRT internal WAAS VFR GPS; PS Engineering 8000B; Garmin GNS430W GPS/NAV/COM; Garmin SL-40 COM; Garmin GTX-330; TruTrak Digiflight IIVSGV; and TruTrak ADI.

Panel Design: Here is my current leaning... Using a modular panel from Affordable Panels

Paint Scheme: Here is the basic idea.  I really like the new HondaJet which I saw at Oshkosh Airventure in 2005.  This is as close as I could get considering the differences in the two aircraft.  I also plan to have the parts painted as they are completed so when it comes time for final assembly it will be done.

Antennas I will be installing (2) COM antennas, (1) NAV antenna, (1) Marker Beacon antenna, (4)GPS antennas, (1) ELT antenna and (1) Transponder antenna.  They will be installed in this way:
    1.  COM1 is a Comant bent whip antenna and will be on the belly a few inches forward of the spar near the left main gear bracket.
    2.  COM2 is a Bob Archer antenna and will be placed inside the right wingtip (behind landing light).
    3.  The NAV antenna is a Bob Archer antenna and will be installed inside the left wingtip (behind taxi light).
    4.  The Marker Beacon antenna is hidden inside the left wingtip.
    5.  The GPS antennas (one for GNS430W, GRT internal WAAS VFR GPS, XM Weather and one for XM radio) will be installed on the engine-side of the firewall beneath the cowling.
    6.  The ELT antenna will be installed in the aft fuselage bulkhead beneath the rudder fairing.
    7.  The Transponder antenna will be installed on the belly a few inches aft of the firewall on the right side (at least 36" from the COM1 antenna).

Lighting: The landing and taxi lights will be 50 watt high intensity discharge lights (HID).  The landing light will be fitted inside the right wingtip and the taxi light will be inside the left wingtip.  The ballasts will be placed in the best location for optimum RMI/EMI shielding.  I will be installing LED nav lights (left, right and tail) as well as single LEDs under each wing, inside baggage area and front cabin.  The left and right wingtips will also have strobes.


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