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The Ultimate HID Light System for Experimental Aircraft
  90MM High Intensity Discharge System (50W)  
  Installing the HID landing/taxi lights using the Duckworks wing leading edge mount  
  Inventory your components. Kit components are: 1) complete HID light assembly    2) HID Ballast    3) HID adapter plate blank  4)Template to use for fabricating the HID adapter plate   5) Two platenuts   6) Two #8 screws for mounting the modified HID unit to the modified Duckworks mounting plate.

  Note the naming conventions we will be using. Any part that came as a component of your Duckworks lights will be called Duckworks xxx. Any component contained in the new HID kit will be called HID xxx. Please study these instructions and look at the photos so that you understand the steps before you begin. 
  Because the RV-3,4,6 wings rib holes are too small to install an assembled HID light assembly, we will be modifying the whole HID Light assembly by disassembling it, fabricating a new mounting system out of an aluminum plate and some platenuts, and reassembling it through the wing tip rib holes and the leading edge Duckworks hole. There is plenty of room to do so after the wing tip is removed. The original Duckworks mounting plate will have to be modified slightly in order to accommodate the modified HID light assembly and HID adapter plate. You may modify your original Duckworks wiring to power and ground the new HID unit. No new wiring is necessary.
Remove your wingtip. If it is attached by antenna and lighting wires, simply hang it from the lower wingtip mounting holes using some safety wire.


Remove the Duckworks clear plastic lens cover.

Remove the Duckworks mounting plate by unscrewing the screws and washers on each end of the unit. Then ease it out of the leading edge hole very carefully.  Note it's orientation so you can re-assemble it later.

  Modifying the HID light assembly
  The three long adjusting screws must be removed. They come off the HID light unit with a quarter-turn twist. Set them aside. (They are not used in the 3,4,6 install.)  The three short screws are removed using a Phillips screwdriver. You will re-use them to hold the HID adapter plate between halves of the HID light assembly. Separate the front and back halves of the HID light assembly. Fabricate the HID adapter plate using the enclosed template. Note that there is a small 'V' shaped notch that will have to be cut in the circular cutout in order to allow the HID light assembly to be reassembled with the HID adapter plate between the two halves of the HID light assembly.  Test the fit  by assembling the HID light halves with the HID adapter plate between the halves. Make sure the screw holes are oriented correctly and mark the rear and top of the HID adapter  plate so you will be able to correctly reassemble the unit inside the wing tip. Disassemble them.
  Using the HID adapter plate, enlarge the cutout in the Duckworks mounting plate so the the HID adapter plate and modified HID light assembly fit in the hole.  Mark the HID plate location screw holes. Remove the HID adapter plate and modified HID light assembly and install the two plate nuts on the forward side of the Duckworks mounting plate. Dimple and flush rivet them onto the Duckworks mounting plate.  Run the #8 screws thru the holes once and remove them so final install will be easier.
  Position a small stool so you are facing the end rib. Place the HID adapter plate, and both halves of the modified HID light assembly into the end rib hole.

Reaching in thru the holes, re-assemble the modified HID light unit inside the wing tip.

Orient and install the Duckworks mounting plate back into its location. Install the screws on each end and tighten. Adjust the preliminary aim of the light using the screws and washers on the ends of the Duckworks mounting plate. Install the Duckworks lens cover.

It  cannot be installed after the HID light assembly is installed due to space constraints. Leave the bottom middle screw out for now. You may have to shorten this screw to avoid interference with the final assembled HID light unit.

  Drill a hole for an AN-3 bolt in the end rib and mount the HID ballast.

Carefully remove the HID lamp from its clear protective case and install it in the rear of the modified HID lamp assembly. Connect the wiring harnesses from the HID ballast units to the HID light unit. Connect your original power and ground wires to the HID ballast unit. Note: Match positive power to red and ground to black as the ballast requires this. Confirm that all parts and wires are correct, remove all  tools, then turn on your light switch from the cockpit. Aiming at a hangar or distant object, finalize your light aim, then reinstall the wingtip.


Congratulations! You are about to enjoy enhanced safety and reliability from your new HID lights. Enjoy!
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