CAFE Foundation Tests on Van's RV-9A Prototype

Experimental Aircraft Technology (May/June 2005) published flight test results for the 9A and details are available here.  For other test reports visit cafefoundation.org.

The testing was done with Van’s prototype tri-gear N129RV. O-320, carbureted, whirlwind three-blade constant speed prop.

Vmax, TAS, 8509.7’ DA, 1703#, 23.7mp, 2605rpm, 9.7gph - 192.7mph
Stall, CAS, 1758#, 12’mp, 1800rpm, full flaps - 49.08mph
Max climb rate, 5500’ DA, 1732#, 26’mp, 2703rpm, 10.8gph- 1348.9fmp
T.O. roll, 1731’ DA, 1748#, 5kt wind, 52.3F, DP12F- 385’
Vy, speed for best climb rate, CAS, 5500’DA, @103mph TAS - 95mph
Vx, speed for best climb angle, CAS, 5500’DA, @88.3mph TAS- 81.6mph
Liftoff speed, CAS (panel IAS=74), 1300’DA, full flaps, 1744#- 66mph
Touchdown speed, CAS, (panel IAS=68), 1520’DA, 1715.8# - 59.1mph
Min.sink rate, idle power, coarse pitch, 1725#, 81.7TAS- 664.2fpm
Best glide, idle power, coarse pitch, 1738#, 95mphCAS- 12:1
Noise levels, gliding at idle/max climb/high cruise, dB- 82/99/100
Peak oil temp, 10,500’DA, 95mphCAS, OAT 62F - 228F
Max cowl exit temp, 60mph CAS, full flaps, 2000rpm, 15” - 168F
Empty wt. per CAFE scales - 1078.05#



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